Postman Collection Format

Understand the specification behind Postman Collections.
Check out the docs and support resources!

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Model Workflows, Write and Automate Tests, Gain Confidence

Collections let you model an end-to-end workflow for your APIs, while still giving you the ability to write scripts, assertions and tests that can be ran anywhere. Tests can be included at different stages in your workflow, giving you more confidence in the APIs you build.

Generate Code, Mocks, Documentation, API definitions, and many more

Collections are both human and machine readable, and have a suite of tools built around them by Postman and it’s community that let’s you generate client and server-side SDKs, documentation, mocks, convert to and from other API specifications and a lot more.

Define and Organize API requests

Keep your API requests organized and structured, with related API requests grouped together as folders. Work with an intuitive structure for your requests, define different parameters in your API, declare and reuse variables, save responses, etc