Creating a workspace

Postman workspaces allow you to organize and collaborate on API projects with your team. Within each workspace you can share APIs, collections, environments, and other components of your work in Postman.

When you first open Postman, you will be in your default personal workspace, but you can create more workspaces for your personal use and to work in conjunction with teammates.

To create additional workspaces, you need to be signed into a Postman account.

To access your workspaces, use the dropdown at the top in the center of Postman.

Default Workspace

If you are part of a team, you will see available workspaces under Team. You can invite people to existing workspaces.

Click Create New to add a new workspace.

New workspace

You can choose a Team workspace if you plan to invite collaborators, or a Personal workspace. Enter a Name and optional Summary for your workspace. If you're collaborating, you can invite other people now or later, and select access levels. Click Create Workspace.

Postman will switch to your new workspace when you create it. You can then start working in the workspace or Invite people to join it. Select a workspace to switch to it at any time using the dropdown at the top of Postman.

New Workspace

Learn more about using workspaces for your team and projects.