This page is deprecated. Team Library is only available for versions 5.0 and below.

When you search in Postman, you can:

To begin a search, locate the Find icon in the status bar to search collections, environments, and globals.

  1. Click the Find icon.


  2. Enter the term you want to search and determine the search settings.
  3. Click the Find button.

Note: You can use a keyboard shortcut to access Find. Windows and Linux users: CTRL+SHIFT+f. Mac users: CMD+SHIFT+f.

Determine search settings

You can set search settings to refine search expressions, indicate where to search, filter search results, and navigate search results.

Refine search settings

You can refine your search expression by selecting a regular expression or ignore case.

Setting Description
Regex (regular expression) Set the entity as a string of text to locate.
Ignore Case Indicate whether or not upper- and lowercase letters are considered the same.


You can search through all collections, environments, and globals.

Setting Description
Everything Search all collections, environments, and globals. "Everything" is the default setting.
Choose entities to find: Select whether to direct your search in collections, environments, or globals.
Collections Select this setting to search in collections. You can specify the collection to search or click "Select all" to search all collections. findCollection
Environments Select this setting to search in environments. You can specify the environments to search or click "Select all" to search all environments. findEnvironment
Globals Select this setting to search in globals. findGlobals

Filter search results

To narrow results in specific fields, you can choose the fields to exclude from the "Include fields" drop down for each of the tabs in collections, environments and globals.

Tab Filter
Collections filter_collections
Environments filter_environment
Globals filter_globals

As you browse search results, you can collapse the entities you don’t want to see.

Action Example
To expand and collapse entities, click the entity name in the results area. find_navigation
In Collections, click "Open in builder" to specify a request in the builder. find_open_bldr
In Environments, click "Open" to specify a request in the MANAGE ENVIRONMENTS modal. find_environ_bldr
In Globals, click "Open" to specify a request in the MANAGE ENVIRONMENTS modal. find_openSearch
Hover over a value or description to see a tooltip with information about the key. You can see the key name to which a value or a description belongs for data editor elements in the form of key, value, description, and so on. find_toolTip

Filter by name and description

To quickly filter the list of collections in your library, begin typing the collection name or description in the search input field.

filter collections

Select favorite collections

You can favorite collections in the Team Library like you do in the Collections sidebar. Click on the star icon to bring the collection(s) to the top of the list. Favorited collections from both places will always be listed at the top.

Sort collections

You can re-order collections in the Team Library by "Name", "Last Modified", "Owner", or by "Date Created". Remember that collections that you have favorited will be at the top but now sorted by the criteria you selected.

sort collections

Search with the Slack Bot

You can integrate the Search Slack bot and get more detailed search results too. This feature will be available in the Team Library soon. Read more about the Slack Bot.