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Intro to Postman

Learn the Postman fundamentals in this video course for beginners.

Send and authorize a request, write test scripts, and chain requests together.

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February 11th - Stalking your favorite band: Joyce welcomes Michael Bettendorf, Editor in Chief at Postman and devoted Deadhead. They explore Michael's favorite band and drop acid on this special livestream.

February 18th - From zero to Async API: Kevin Swiber welcomes Fran Mendez (founder of Async API) and Kin Lane (Chief Evangelist at Postman) as they chat about Asynchronous APIs. Learn how to build an event-driven architecture.

February 25th - Spinning up a microsite in Postman with Contentful: Arlemi welcomes Shy, Developer Evangelist at Contentful, to explore how you can build a microsite directly in Postman using Visualizers on the frontend and Contentful in the backend.

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