Postman account and settings overview

Postman provides several installation options and enables you to customize your user experience. With a free Postman account, you can securely access your APIs from different machines and collaborate with others on API design. To scale up your API lifecycle, take advantage of paid Postman plans. You can also set up a proxy server as an additional security barrier.

Manage your Postman installation

You can install Postman on a number of operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux or use the Postman web app. If you use the Postman web app, for best experience download and install the Postman Desktop Agent to take advantage of additional features.

The Postman Visual Studio Code extension enables you to test and collaborate on your APIs. You can install it from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

To learn more about updating and troubleshooting your Postman installation, see Install and update Postman.

Manage your Postman settings

Postman enables you to customize your user experience by adjusting your Postman theme, shortcuts, add-ons, and other options in the Postman Settings. To learn more, see Customize Postman settings.

Manage your Postman account

With a free Postman account, you can access your work from different machines and collaborate with others on your API projects. To learn how to sign up, sign in, and manage your Postman account settings, see Manage your Postman account. Postman ensures your personal data is secure by using encryption and communication over HTTPS and Secure WebSockets.

Manage your Postman profile

A Postman profile helps you organize your work and enables you to share your public APIs, collections, and workspaces with other Postman users. For more information, see Customize your Postman profile.

Configure a proxy server

A proxy server prevents others from accessing your internal network. By default, the Postman desktop app uses your system's configured proxy to send API requests or access the internet. But you can also configure Postman to use the system proxy or a custom proxy when sending requests. To learn more, see Configure Postman to use a proxy server.

Last modified: 2024/01/04