Build API applications visually using Postman Flows

Postman Flows is a visual tool for building API-driven applications for the API-first world. You can use Flows to chain requests, handle data, and create real-world workflows in your Postman workspace.

Postman Flows

What is Postman Flows?

Postman Flows is an API-centric visual application development interface. It provides you with an infinite canvas to arrange and connect APIs.

It's powered by the Postman API Network and your Collections. Flows provides data manipulation capabilities to bridge the gap between your APIs, and data visualization to show the final output of your Flow.

You can also deploy your Flow and run them in the cloud. Webhooks enable you to integrate with other applications.

What can you do with Flows?

Flows are the ultimate way to take data from an API-enabled product, manipulate it to meet your needs, and see the results. Or you could take data from one API-enabled product, make decisions or process the data, then send it to another API-enabled product. This means you can build real-time integrations between two API-enabled products.

Try these workspaces featuring Flow examples:

These Flow examples include multiple APIs for different products and tools as well as the related collections and environments. You can fork the Flows to your own workspace, try them out, and then make your own changes and customizations.

Postman Flows is free to try on the Free plan for up to three users. Postman Flows is available as an add-on to the Basic and Professional plans. Postman Flows isn't available in the Enterprise plan.

Enabling Postman Flows

To get started using Postman Flows in a Professional or Basic plan, assign the Flow Editor role to one or more of your team members. The Flow Editor role is necessary for Professional and Basic plan team members to create, edit, and run Flows. For more information on adding a role to a user, see Manage team roles.

The first time a team member in a Professional or Basic plan creates a Flow or selects Flows in the sidebar, a dialog notifies the team member that Postman is about to assign them the Flow Editor role. Select Continue to assign the role or Explore Flows gallery to browse Flows templates, or close the dialog to cancel assigning the Flow Editor role.

Postman Flows users in the Professional plan can also assign roles to users at the Flow level. For more information, see Postman Flows roles.

Quick start

To get started, check out the following resources:


To submit feature requests or report bugs create an issue on the Postman GitHub repo. To ask a question or join the discussion, visit the Postman Community.

Last modified: 2024/06/03