Send API requests and get response data in Postman

Whether you're building or testing your own API, or integrating with a third-party API, you can send requests in Postman to connect to APIs you're working with. Your requests can retrieve, add, or delete data, and can send parameters and authorization details.

For example, if you're building a client application (such as a mobile or web app) for a store, you might send one request to retrieve the list of available products, another request to create a new order (including the selected product details), and yet another request to log a customer in to their account.

When you send a request, Postman displays the response received from the API server in a way that lets you examine, visualize, and troubleshoot it.

Request builder with a successful response

Get started sending requests

If you've never sent a request before, check out sending your first request before you continue.

View the following topics to get started sending API requests in Postman:

Last modified: 2024/02/06