Customizing Postman

Customizing Request Methods

You can customize request methods in Postman to meet specific requirements. Once you create your own request methods, you'll be able to send/save them.

This feature lets you to save/delete your customized method and also enables you to delete default methods. Click in the request method dropdown area, type your method name and send/save it. You can also send a request without saving the customized method you created. The following screen illustrates this procedure.

custom methods1

Note: You can save your customized methods locally, which means these are not synced to the Postman servers. This essentially means signing out will cause your data to be lost. Postman also allows you to use requests containing your customized methods that are not saved in the list. However, these will not appear in the request method drop-down.

If you are in a team workspace and creating your own methods, the behavior of this feature is a little dynamic so please note the following points:

  1. When you import collections that have customized methods in them, you'll still be able to view them and be able to save by clicking the method.
  2. You must be on 6.5.0 version of the app or above in order for you to effectively use this feature.
  3. Likewise, even if you are in the older version of Postman app, you'll still be able to view and consume the customized methods from the History tab if your team member created using the newest version of the app. However, you'll not be able to save these methods.

Note: Creating a mock with your customized method is currently not supported by Postman.