Publishing templates

You can share your documentation for any collection you publish by adding it to the Postman Templates. Adding your templates makes them available to the Postman community via New > Templates and on the web.

Your template listing provides access to the documentation for your API collection, and the Run in Postman button, which allows anyone to import the collection directly into Postman. Community members can browse and search for templates to learn, and automate tasks relevant to a wide variety of use cases. People can also access your Postman profile via your template listings.

By publishing your collection docs to the Postman templates, you're sharing both human-readable and executable data that helps people get started using APIs. Your docs can outline how to use a single endpoint as well as how to integrate with an API as a whole, helping community members learn API skills and discover available services.

If you're publishing documentation from a team API, you can add it to the API Network as part of your team listing.

When you add to the Postman templates, your listing will also be discoverable via your profile. You can set your profile up before or during publication, or Postman will generate a profile that you can optionally edit later.

Adding your templates

To add to the shared Postman templates, you first need to document and publish a collection. You can share your collection to the Postman templates during the docs publishing process, or later. During publication, enable Collection discovery and select Add to Postman Templates.

Collection Discovery

If your collection documentation is already published, you can make it discoverable by editing the published docs.

You can access your published docs from Postman (select the collection and click View in web), or from the web dashboard (navigate to Workspace > Collections and click the published collection title).

Edit Published Docs

Click Allow Collection Discovery to set up your docs for sharing.

Allow Discovery

Select Add to Postman Templates.

Providing template detail

Enter display details for your template listing, including Template Name, Summary, and Description. Your description will be automatically pulled from any description you have added to your collection already, and should include the information potential users will need to know whether to try the template or not.

Publish Template Details

Select any relevant categories for your template—users will be able to browse using categories in both the Postman app and on the web.

Template Tags

Setting up your profile

Personal accounts will be able to publish to personal profiles and accounts on a team will publish to the team profile.

Templates published from a team will also appear in the API Network listing Templates tab for the team.

To set up your profile, click Public Profile Settings or navigate to your settings. Click Enable Public Profile to allow your templates to be published.

Enable Profile

You can customize your profile URL and name, add a description people will see alongside your templates, and add links to your social media and website. You can also set a profile photo from your account settings.

Customizing your profile URL will change your username, and that change will be reflected across all of your Postman elements, such as collections and documentation. You will also sign in to Postman with the new username.

Personal Profile Settings

If you choose to disable your profile, you won't be able to publish any new templates, and any previously published will be unpublished.

Publishing your template

When your publish settings are complete, click Publish Collection. You will see a confirmation of your template listing and public profile.

Public Team Profile Settings

Your templates will be discoverable from inside Postman using New > Templates and on the web.

Your profile listing will be available both in Postman and on the web, listing all of your published templates.

Public User Profile

Clicking the title of a template will open its full documentation with a Run in Postman button people can use to import the collection and try the requests in Postman.

Template Screen

Next steps

Check out some tips for making the most of your listing.