Utilizing audit logs

Audit logs are available on Postman Professional and Enterprise plans.

Audit logs list important team events. An admin can review audit logs to determine:

  • When users were added to the team.
  • When users received an invitation to a team.
  • Which user performed a specific action.

Audit logs currently include events for team management, billing, and security. In the future, logs will indicate events for publishing documentation, creating API keys, and creating monitors.

Using audit logs

In your workspace, click the Settings icon, and select Audit Logs.

Team dropdown menu

Audit logs allow you to view team actions by user, event name, event description, and date.

audit logs

For more information about audit logs and how to set it up for your Postman team, contact the support team.

Logged Events

The table below lists currently logged events.

Action name Description
Added Payment Method A new credit card was added to the your team.
Removed Payment method A credit card was removed from your team.
Added Domain A custom domain was added to your team. (You can use custom domains to publish documentation.)
Deleted Domain A custom domain was deleted from your team.
Added Member A user joined your team.
Cancelled Invite An invitation for a user was cancelled.
Custom auth scheme created A new SSO scheme was added to your team.
Custom auth scheme disabled An SSO scheme was disabled.
Custom auth scheme enabled An SSO scheme was enabled.
Custom auth scheme removed An SSO scheme was removed.
Custom auth scheme updated An SSO scheme was updated.
Decreased Team Size Extra licenses were removed from the team.
Increased Team Size Additional licenses were added to the team.
Set Instructions For Next Billing Cycle Instructions for the next billing cycle were added.
Team name changed Team name was changed.
Removed Member Team member was removed.
Successfully Retried Invoice An invoice for your team was paid.
Sent Invite An invitation was sent to a user to join your team.
Started Your plan has started.
Updated domain verification A domain’s verification status was updated.
Updated User Roles Roles were updated for some users in your team.
Team URL changed Team’s URL updated. (The custom URL you use to access your team’s dashboard.)
Added Custom Alert A new custom token alert was created for your team.
Edited Custom Alert A custom token alert's name or regex pattern was changed, or the alert was enabled or disabled.
Deleted Custom Alert A custom token alert was deleted.

Last modified: 2022/01/05