Using Run in Postman buttons

The all-new Run in Postman button icon button is a way to share a Postman collection (and optional environment) with your users. The live Run in Postman buttons automatically stay updated with changes in the original collection, so you will always get the most recent version of your collection without publishers having to manually update the collection's link. You can also attach a linked environment with this new button, to help consumers make faster API calls.

Twitter API button

User interaction with your button

When a user comes across Run in Postman button icon button, they can choose to fork the collection to their workspace, view the collection in the public workspace, or import the collection into Postman. Then, they can begin interacting with your API. The Run in Postman button allows the consumers to fork your collection, which creates a copy of the collection while maintaining a link to the parent.

Fork collection for run in postman

Run in postman buttons are only available for documentation and embed flows.

Security check: Do not leak sensitive data like access keys in your collection or environment. Read more about securely using API keys in Postman.

Next steps

Create a Run in Postman button.

Last modified: 2021/12/09