Publishing your docs

You can publish your API documentation to make it available for public viewing by anyone who has the link. Published documentation allows anyone who wants to learn how to use your API to view detail on endpoints, including parameters, request and response bodies, and example code.

postman API docs

Your public documentation will always display up-to-date content representing the current state of your collection. You don’t need to repeat the publication flow each time you want to update your documentation.

Your documentation will include the Run in Postman button so users can interact with your API directly in Postman. For example, check out the Postman API documentation—generated from a Postman Collection. You can publish your documentation to the API Network or as a template to make your collections publicly available in Postman, aiding developer onboarding and adoption.

You can publish documentation for collections that you created or have permission to edit.


Making your documentation public

You can publish docs from an existing private documentation page or from the collection.

To publish from your collection's private documentation page, view the complete collection documentation, and then click Publish.

Publish Docs

To publish from the collection, select the collection in Collections, open the actions menu (...), and choose View Documentation. From here, select Publish to publish your collection.

Publish Docs

Any confidential information in your environment, such as passwords and access tokens may become publicly visible when you publish your docs. Remove all sensitive information from the environment before you publish.

Configuring your public docs

In the Publish Collection page, you can configure how you want your public docs to appear.

  • Select one or more release tags to publish.
  • Select an environment to populate variables in your published documentation.

Publish Config

You can preview your documentation before publishing it. This opens a live preview of the documentation in another window which reloads on any change.

In this live preview, Postman scans the documentation for anything that appears to be a sensitive token. If Postman identifies a potential secret, you will see a banner at the top of this window. Postman will also highlight identified secrets throughout the page. This gives you the chance to update the documentation before publishing it.

Preview secrets

Customizing your docs

With Postman Team, Business, or Enterprise, you can opt to use a custom domain for your public documentation site.

You can configure the style of your public docs by selecting colors for the header background, code background, and highlights. You can also choose single or double column view as the default layout for your docs. Try making changes and preview to see how your docs will appear when published.

Style Docs

Team admins can customize the style of your public docs by editing your team profile, including your team name and logo, in your team settings. Your team logo will replace the Postman logo in your team's published docs—updated logo images may take a few minutes to appear.

You can make changes to styling after publishing your docs by heading to the Postman Dashboard and navigating to your published collection. Select Published in the upper-right corner > Edit Published Documentation > Edit settings. Make your changes and click Save and republish collection to update.

Edit Published Documentation

Sharing your public docs

To share your API documentation with your users and the wider Postman community, enable Collection discovery by toggling the switch. This will make your docs and the associated collections available via the Postman API Network and templates.

Collection Discovery

When you publish public documentation, anyone with the URL can access it. By sharing your documentation with the API Network or as a template, you increase the visibility of your API to a wider range of consumers by leveraging the Postman community. Users can then access both the API Network and community templates via the New button within the Postman app or on the web.

You can only add to API Network when publishing from a team. You can configure your team profile by clicking Public Profile Settings, enabling your profile, and filling out your team details for display.

Publish as Team

Enable Profile

Your team profile can include a name, description, custom URL, and logo.

Profile Detail

Add listing details for your public documentation, including name, summary, description, and relevant tags.

Listing Detail

If you edit your published docs, the changes will not automatically be reflected in your API network or template listing, so you will need to update the details displayed at manually.

If you do not want to make your docs discoverable at this time, you can go ahead and publish then add them to the API Network or Postman Templates later.

Publishing and unpublishing

Once you have your publish settings complete, click Publish Collection to make your docs public.

Publish Docs

You will see a confirmation that your docs are public together with a link you can share.

Docs Published

You can unpublish your docs at any time by clicking Unpublish.

Unpublish Docs

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