Share your APIs on the Postman API Network

The Postman API Network enables you to share your public workspaces, collections, APIs, and Flows with your API's consumers. By using the Postman API Network, you can enable your API's consumers to discover and consume your public APIs directly in Postman.

To get started, share your public workspaces to the Postman API Network. You can learn more about best practices and tips for sharing public workspaces to the Postman API Network.

Postman API Network

Benefits of the Postman API Network

  • Improve your API's onboarding experience with detailed documentation, organized workspace resources, and more.
  • Increase your API's discovery in organic and Postman search results.
  • Collaborate with partners in public workspaces.
  • Collect feedback from API consumers through metrics and public comments.
  • Customize your public team profile to promote your workspaces and social media.

Best practices and tips for public workspaces

You can use these best practices and tips to help your API's consumers get started with your public APIs. These best practices and tips can also help you share the latest versions of your APIs with other Postman users.

  • Prepare your public workspaces - Before sharing your APIs to the Postman API Network, you can prepare your public workspaces to help API consumers get started. You can customize your team profile and make it public, organize workspace resources by category or use case, and write API documentation.
  • Share your public workspaces - To share your public workspaces with your API consumers, you can copy and share the public workspace's URL. You can also add links from your documentation to relevant elements in your public workspaces. To track the performance of your APIs, you can review reports, watchers, and forks for your public workspaces.
  • Maintain APIs in your public workspaces - You can maintain your APIs to ensure API consumers can access your latest changes. There are several options for maintaining APIs in Postman, such as using your remote code repository and Postman's version control.
  • Sync APIs with your public workspaces - If you store your API definitions and collections in a remote code repository, you can sync your APIs with your public workspaces. This ensures your API consumers can access your latest changes on the Postman API Network.

Last modified: 2024/01/18