About Postbot

Postbot is available as an add-on to the Free, Basic, and Professional plans. Postbot isn't currently available in Enterprise plans.

Postbot is your AI assistant for API workflows in Postman. You can ask Postbot to help you debug and understand APIs, write tests, create Postman Flows, and make sense of large data sets.

To use Postbot, look for the Postbot icon Postbot icon in the footer. Select the icon and enter a plain text prompt, and Postbot will help you complete your work.

Here are ways you can use Postbot:

  • Write tests - Postbot can add tests to your API requests based on your prompt. Use Postbot to add a new set of tests, visualize responses, save a field from a response, or fix your existing tests. For more information, see using Postbot to write tests.
  • Visualize responses - Use Postbot to create a Visualizer to easily view your response data as a table, chart, or graph without writing any code.
  • Write FQL in Postman Flows - Flows Query Language (FQL) enables you to parse and transform JSON data to get the fields and structure you want. You can ask Postbot to generate FQL queries for you. Enter an idea for a query in simple text, and Postbot will suggest an FQL query for you. For more information, see Using Postbot with FQL
  • Write documentation - Postbot can write documentation for your requests. Use Postbot to automatically add descriptions, including request parameters and response examples to your requests. For more information, see Writing documentation with Postbot.
  • Get help - Postbot is trained on Postman’s Learning Center documentation, too. Try asking Postbot for help if you get stuck — it will offer simple steps that you can follow and point to more in-depth documentation.

At Postman, we're excited about the potential of AI and the role it can play in an API-first workflow. Stay tuned for more Postbot updates as we continue to add features to automate how you work with APIs.

Last modified: 2023/11/15