About Postbot

Postbot is your AI assistant for API workflows in Postman. You can ask Postbot to help you troubleshoot API requests, write test scripts and documentation, and make sense of large data sets. You can also ask Postbot if you need help using Postman or aren't sure what to do next.

Postbot is free to try on all Postman plans with a limited number of activities per user each month. To use Postbot after that, you can purchase Postbot as an add-on. Learn more about resource usage in Postman.

Get started with Postbot

To use Postbot, select Postbot icon Postbot in the Postman footer. Postbot offers suggested actions based on what you're doing in Postman—select one to get started. Or enter your own prompt using natural language, and Postbot will help you complete your work.

Postbot usage example

What you can do with Postbot

Here are ways you can use Postbot to assist your work in Postman:

  • Add API tests - Postbot can add test scripts to your API requests. Use Postbot to add a new set of tests, fix your existing tests, or save a field from a response. Learn more at Write tests using Postbot.
  • Write API documentation - Postbot can write documentation for API requests. Use Postbot to automatically add descriptions, including request parameters and response examples, to your requests. Learn more at Writing documentation with Postbot.
  • Debug requests - Getting an unexpected error when sending a request? Postbot can help you find the source of the problem and fix it. Learn more at Debugging requests with Postbot.
  • Visualize response data - Use Postbot to view API response data as a table, chart, or graph. Or you can ask Postbot to visualize the data in other ways by entering a prompt. Learn more at Using Postbot to create visualizations.
  • Get help - Postbot is trained on Postman’s Learning Center documentation. If you get stuck in Postman, try asking Postbot for help. It will offer steps you can follow and point to more in-depth documentation.

At Postman, we're excited about the potential of AI and the role it can play in an API-first workflow. Stay tuned for more Postbot updates as we continue to add features to accelerate your work with APIs.

Postbot for Enterprise

If you're on a Postman Enterprise plan, you'll get the same AI-powered capabilities for Postbot along with the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-grade availability - With dedicated infrastructure and separate compute bandwidth for your team, Postbot will always be there when you need it.
  • Enhanced privacy - Training data from your Postbot activities will be used to improve the experience for your team only.

You can enable Postbot access for your team in your product access dashboard. To get unlimited Postbot activities for team members, you can purchase add-on seats.

Last modified: 2024/04/29