Discover APIs, workspaces, collections, and Flows on the Postman API Network

The Postman API Network is the largest network of APIs, workspaces, collections, and Flows by developers across the planet. Many of the teams and companies responsible for leading-edge APIs and technologies have public workspaces you can explore. Popular third-party APIs are also published, along with examples you can use as a starting point when writing your own APIs or collections.

To access the Postman API Network, visit or select API Network > View all public APIs in the header.

Postman API Network

There are a variety of ways to find APIs, workspaces, teams, collections, and Flows:

  • The Search Postman box at the top of the page searches all Postman teams, workspaces, collections, APIs, and Flows by default. You can also change the scope to Public API Network to limit your search to the Postman API Network.
  • Spotlight highlights the latest exciting, useful, and noteworthy contributions to the Postman API Network, handpicked by the experts at Postman.
  • Trending APIs shows elements that are the most popular in the Postman API Network, based on the number of people viewing or creating forks of them.
  • Categories showcases popular API categories in the Postman API Network: Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Data Analytics, Developer Productivity, DevOps, Financial Services, Payments, and more.
  • You can select to view Collections, Workspaces, and Flows. You can sort collection and workspace results by Featured, New, Week, and All Time. You can sort Flows results by New, Most Viewed, and Most Forked.
  • You can also filter collections using the categories listed on its results page.

Check out some useful collections for getting started learning about APIs, requests, and Postman:

About verified teams in the Postman API Network

Verified teams in Postman have a verified badge next to their team name in the Postman API Network. A verified badge means Postman has verified the team's identity as the authentic organization they represent, helping you discover authentic, useful, and trusted APIs.

Postman verified team

The verified badge also displays next to a verified team's name in their profile and public workspaces, and you can view the verified badge in your Postman search results.

Next steps

  • To import a collection from a public workspace to your workspace, create a fork of it. See creating a fork.

  • To learn more about sharing APIs, workspaces, and collections to the Postman API Network, see Postman API Network overview.

Last modified: 2024/01/18