Import Swagger APIs

Postman can import APIs created with the Swagger toolset and any API that follows a supported version of the OpenAPI specification.

The terms Swagger and OpenAPI can be confusing because the OpenAPI specification was previously named Swagger, and people sometimes use the terms interchangeably. To clarify, in this document, Swagger API refers to an API created with the Swagger toolset.

Import a Swagger API

  1. In Postman, select Import in the sidebar.

  2. Select an API definition file, enter a link to the API, or paste your raw text.

  3. You can choose to import the definition as a collection or as an API along with a collection.

    API definition import options

    Select View Import Settings for more configuration options. These options will vary depending on your API specification.

  4. Select Import.

  5. An Import Complete message displays in the footer. In the message, select the link icon External link icon next to a collection or API to open the imported element.

    Import complete message

You can also import an API from a code repository. To learn more ways to import APIs, go to Import an API into Postman.

Last modified: 2023/10/18