Create and send API requests in Postman

You can use the Postman API client to connect to APIs you're building, testing, or integrating with. Build and send API requests with parameters, body data, and headers. Save your requests in collections so you can collaborate on them with your team or use them in automated testing.

Build API requests in Postman

Use Postman to create and send API requests using HTTP or other common protocols such GraphQL, gRPC, and WebSocket. You can send parameters and body data with your requests, and send request headers, as required by your API. You can also configure custom settings for each request.

Upload test data to your team

Postman enables you to share your test data with others on your Postman team. You can upload data files to your team, and anyone on your team can use the uploaded files as form data or raw body data when sending requests in Postman.

Organize requests with Postman Collections

You can save and organize your API requests in collections so you can use them over and over. Use collections to collaborate with your team, generate API tests and documentation, and automate request sending.

Generate code snippets from requests

Postman can help you integrate your front-end application with your API. Choose a supported language—like C#, JavaScript, and NodeJS—and generate a code snippet from a request. You can use the snippet in your app to make calls to your API.

Last modified: 2024/02/06