API version control in Postman

Postman's version control features can help you and your team to collaboratively build an API. You can fork a collection or environment, make updates to the fork, create a pull request, and merge your changes into the parent element.

Version control for collections and environments is different from API versioning. For information on managing multiple versions of APIs, see API version control overview.

Forking Postman elements

You can fork collections, environments, and Flows from a parent element. Forking enables you to contribute to an element without having Editor access to that element.

Learn more about forking Postman elements.

Creating pull requests

Create a pull request when you're ready to merge changes you made in your forked element into the parent element.

Learn more about creating pull requests.

Reviewing pull requests

You can review a pull request if you're tagged as a reviewer on it. You can view the changes, comment, approve or decline the request, and merge the forked collection or environment into the parent element.

Learn more about reviewing pull requests.

Watching pull requests

Watch a pull request to receive in-app notifications when a team member modifies a pull request.

Learn more about watching pull requests.

Last modified: 2022/11/17