Verify your team on the Postman API Network

As a Postman API Network publisher, you can earn a verified badge Verified badge icon by offering high-quality documentation, getting started guides, and integrated authorization to your API consumers. The badge signifies that you're the authoritative domain owner and that your consumers can expect a quick path to their first 200 OK.

Learn more about sharing your APIs on the Postman API Network.

About the Postman verified badge on the Postman API Network

Consumers on the network are looking to test APIs, and they prefer content from domain owners. Being verified means that Postman has confirmed that your team is the authoritative owner of the API served by a given URL or a set of URLs. Verification also means that you as the domain owner have directly curated the content so that consumers can get started using your API as quickly and painlessly as possible. Verified teams are noted by the presence of a blue badge anywhere your name appears on the Postman API Network.

If your team owns workspaces with collections that span multiple base URLs, you need to verify all of your domains across all your workspaces and ensure high-quality content.

Requirements for Postman API Network team verification

Obtaining a verified badge Verified badge icon requires the following:

  • You must belong to a team with a public workspace. If you’re on a Professional or Enterprise plan, you also need to either be an Admin or Community Manager. See teams and roles for more information. If you’re on a Free or Basic plan, you can simply apply for verification.
  • Your team profile must have a relevant name, profile and banner image, links to your official website and social platforms, and a summary and description.
  • Your team must have at least one actively maintained, well-documented public workspace and collection, including relevant summaries, descriptions, a getting started guide, authorization details, and request examples. Learn more about writing your docs and organizing your public work.
  • You must set up authentication for your public APIs.
  • You must have a verified domain.

Apply for team verification

To apply to get your team verified, do the following:

  1. In Postman, select your profile and then View team profile.

  2. Under Manage > Team verification, select Request Team Verification.

    Team verification

    A popup appears showing the email address on file, with the option to provide a different or secondary email address.

  3. Select Send Request.

    Request team verification

If your team has already applied, you won't be able to apply again. Instead, you'll see the status of your application: Submitted, Under Review, Approved, or Declined.

Last modified: 2023/04/08