Postman Enterprise plans

Postman Enterprise plans are for organizations that need advanced identity management, security, and governance features as they design, build, test, and deploy APIs. Postman Enterprise enables you to deploy Postman at scale, manage your team, and streamline your organization's API development process.

Enterprise features

Postman Enterprise has features for reporting, advanced identity management, the Private API Network, API governance and API security, collaboration, and administration.


Postman Enterprise enables you to access reports that give you insights into the state of your APIs, including API creation, collection execution, and test runs. Reports also have information about your team's API consumption, performance, security posture, and SLA adherence. To learn more about reports, see Using reports.

Advanced identity management

Postman Enterprise plans give you access to advanced identity management features, including:

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) - Postman Enterprise RBAC enables you to give the right team members access to the right tools and data. To learn more about the team-level roles available to Enterprise teams, including Super Admin, Community Manager, and API Network Manager, see Defining roles.
  • User groups - An Enterprise plan enables you to organize team members into groups, then assign roles and permissions according to each group's function. To learn more about user groups, see User groups.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) - You can enable team members to sign in to Postman Enterprise using your organization's identity provider (IdP). To learn more about setting up SSO for your team, see Intro to SSO.
  • System for cross-domain identity management (SCIM) - Setting up SCIM enables you to automatically provision and de-provision team members and organize them into user groups. To learn more about enabling SCIM for your team, see SCIM provisioning.
  • Domain capture - Domain capture enables you to consolidate all your organization's users into a single Postman team and ensure that any new users who sign up for Postman with your domain are automatically added. To learn more about setting up domain capture, see Configure domain verification and account capture in Postman.

The Private API Network

The Private API Network provides a central directory of workspaces, collections, and APIs your team uses internally. Your Postman team can access these resources and start using them right away. By using the Private API Network, you can enable developers across your organization to discover, consume, and track API development in one place.

API Governance and API Security features

Postman Enterprise plans provide you with advanced API governance and API security features:

  • Secret Scanner - Create custom patterns to proactively check for secret leaks.
  • Public link governance - View and manage elements like workspaces, documentation, and collection links that your team makes public.
  • Audit logs - Use audit logs to understand how your team members are using Postman.
  • Configurable API governance and API security warnings - Custom API governance and API security warnings enable you to apply standards consistently throughout your API development process's design and testing phases. You can also use the Postman CLI to return Postman API Governance and API Security warnings.
  • Static IP monitoring - Use monitors to monitor APIs that are behind a restricted firewall. To learn more about static IP monitoring, see Running monitors using static IPs.


Postman Enterprise plans enable your organization to collaborate internally and with partners:

  • The Private API Network - Team members with the Enterprise-only API Network Manager role can approve which APIs to add to your Private API Network. For more information, see Your Private API Network.
  • Partner Workspaces - Your organization can invite partners to a shared workspace to collaborate and build products and services with your APIs. To learn more about Partner Workspaces, see Partner Workspaces.
  • Advanced version control - Manage permissions for reviewers and assign merge checks for forks on Postman elements. For more details, see Pull request settings.


After you purchase a Postman Enterprise plan, you can customize it to meet your organization's needs:

  • Postman Enterprise app - The Postman Enterprise app is a version of the Postman desktop app that offers greater control to administrators. After you purchase a Postman Enterprise plan, you can use the Enterprise app to manage deployment and installations within your organization.
  • App versioning - Set a team-wide version of the Postman desktop app for your organization. To learn more about app versioning, see Managing Postman app versioning.
  • Enterprise integrations - Some integrations, including Azure DevOps, GitHub Enterprise Server, and GitLab Self-Managed, are only available with an Enterprise plan.

Purchasing a Postman Enterprise plan

To purchase a Postman Enterprise plan, visit or contact the Postman sales team. To learn more, see Purchasing Postman. After you purchase your plan, the Postman team will help set up Postman Enterprise for your organization.

Last modified: 2024/04/29