Postman Runtime library

The Postman Runtime library supports request sending and collection running in the Postman app as well as other interfaces including Newman CLI.

The library is an open-source Node.js project you can utilize for low-level configuration over request sending in your API development and testing projects.

You can install the library from npm. The following example code shows a simplified outline of using the Runtime library in conjunction with the Collection SDK:

runtime = require('postman-runtime');
var runner = new runtime.Runner();

//Collection object constructed via Collection SDK
var collection = new sdk.Collection();, {
  data: [],
  timeout: {
    request: 30000,
    script: 5000
  iterationCount: 1,

  //other options...

function (err, run) {
  //Callbacks to execute as the collection runs

You can use the Runtime library if you need a detailed configuration of your request runs, for example as part of an automation workflow to integrate Postman Collection runs into your development pipeline.

Note that if you only need to run collections, you can use Newman CLI.

Next steps

To get started with the Runtime library, check out the repo README. You can incorporate Postman into your workflow with CI using Postman API.

Last modified: 2021/11/09