Integrate Postman with AWS API Gateway

You can connect to Amazon API Gateway from the Postman API Builder. After you connect your API to API Gateway, you can view stage information and deployment history on the Deployments tab in the API Builder.

OpenAPI 3.0 schemas for both HTTP and REST APIs are supported. In addition, for HTTP APIs, you can import your schema from API Gateway to Postman, export your schema from Postman to API Gateway for later deployment, or even deploy your HTTP API schema directly from Postman to a stage in API Gateway.

To learn more about connecting your API in Postman to Amazon API Gateway, see Importing an API and Deploying to an Amazon API Gateway.

Uploading API schemas to AWS API Gateway

The legacy Deploy HTTP APIs to AWS API Gateway (v2) integration is no longer available. You can't create new integrations using this legacy integration, and any legacy integrations you created have been removed. Instead, use the new AWS API Gateway integration to view your AWS API Gateway deployments in the Postman API Builder. You can also import an API from AWS API Gateway.

Last modified: 2023/04/15