Send Postman Monitor results to Slack

Postman Monitors enable you to continuously check the health and performance of your APIs. You can integrate Postman with Slack to automatically send monitor results to a channel in Slack. Each time the monitor runs, you'll get a notification in Slack with the results.

This integration works with monitors. Before you begin, make sure you've created at least one monitor.

To send Postman monitor results to Slack, do the following:

  1. From the Home page, select Integrations.

    Integrations on Home page
  2. Select Browse All Integrations.

  3. Search for and select Slack.

  4. Next to Post monitoring results, select Add Integration.

    Select Slack monitoring integration
  5. A browser tab opens asking you to sign in to Slack. Select Continue, then enter your workspace URL and sign in with your email or SSO.

    If someone on your team created an installed app for Slack, a message and green checkmark let you know you're already authenticated with your Slack workspace. You don't need to sign in or review permissions. If you want to connect to a different Slack workspace, select the link.

  6. Select Allow to give Postman permission to view content and perform actions in Slack. Close the tab to continue in Postman.

  7. Enter the following on the Add integration window:

    • Nickname - A nickname for your integration.
    • Workspace - The workspace with your monitor.
    • Monitor - The monitor that will send its results to Slack.
    • Channel name - The Slack channel where monitor results will be sent.
    • Configure when monitor runs must be notified - Select if you want notifications for all completed monitor runs, or for three failed monitor runs in a row and then the next successful monitor run.
    • Add Slack for your team - Select this checkbox to add an installed app for Slack. Other team members can use the installed app to add Slack integrations without having to authorize with Slack.
  8. Select Add Integration.

Add Slack monitoring integration

After configuring the integration, Postman sends the monitor results to the Slack channel you specified each time your monitor runs.

Monitor results in Slack

You can view your configured integrations on the Browse Integrations page. You can also view integrations that have been configured for a monitor by opening the monitor and selecting the information icon Information icon in the right sidebar. Learn more about viewing or editing integrations.

Last modified: 2024/04/15