Work with your team in Postman

Postman provides a variety of tools to enable and enhance collaboration within your team.

When you sign up for Postman as an individual, you create your own Postman account. To collaborate, you can create or join a team. Usually a team includes everyone at your company or organization that uses Postman (not just the group you belong to.)

There are several ways you can join a team. You could be sent an email invite or given an invite link from someone else on a team. Or your organization may add you to a team using SSO, SCIM, or by automatically adding you based on your verified domain name.

Teams have team workspaces, which are shared workspaces where your team can work together on APIs, collections, environments, integrations, mocks, monitors, and Flows. Team workspaces can act as a single source of truth for your API projects and encourage collaboration within your team. You can collaborate in several ways:

By default, team workspaces are visible to everyone in your company or organization who uses Postman. You can use private workspaces and user groups to control who can view or make changes in a workspace.

In addition, each user on a team is assigned roles. These define your level of access to a Postman element, like a collection or an API. A Developer role gives you access to team resources. Elevated roles like Admin and Billing can do things like change settings or payment methods. To learn more about roles, visit defining roles.

To learn more about working with your team, visit collaborating in team workspaces.

Last modified: 2023/07/26