Manage product access

Add-on availability varies according to your Postman plan.

As a Team Admin or Super Admin, you can manage which team members and users have access to add-ons in your product access dashboard.

To learn more about how to purchase add-ons, see purchasing add-on products.

Manage access to add-ons

As a Team Admin, you can manage add-ons for your team. Adding users to a solution can give them more permissions within your team and access to more features.

Auto-Flex enables your team to add users to add-ons without having to pay upfront. Learn more about Purchasing add-on products.

To add users to an add-on, do the following:

  1. Select Team in the Postman header, then select Team Settings.

  2. Select Product access.

  3. Select the add-on you'd like to manage: API Builder, Postbot, or Collection Runner.

  4. To add team members to a add-on, select Add Members. To invite a user outside of the team, select Invite members and a new window will appear.

    Specify users who can create team workspaces
  5. If you choose the add option, select team members to add to the add-on, then select Add Members. If you choose the invite option, select users from the dropdown list or enter the users' email addresses in the Invite by email text box, assign them a role in the Roles dropdown list, then select Send Invite. An invitation email will be sent to the users.

Postbot add-on

Users with Postbot access get an increased number of Postbot activities. To view your team's Postbot limits, go to your Resource Usage dashboard.

API Builder add-on

You can add users to the API Builder add-on for access to the API Builder, API-Level Security, and API Governance.

When you add users to the API Builder add-on:

Collection Runner add-on

You can add users to the Collection Runner add-on to increase their usage limits for the Collection Runner.

When you add users to the Collection Runner add-on, added users get unlimited collections runs with the Collection Runner.

Advanced Security Admin add-on

The Advanced Security Admin add-on enables access to Domain Capture, Secret Scanner for team, private, and partner workspaces, the Private Secret Scanner Report, Secret Scanner Dashboard, and Postman Vault integrations. When you purchase the Advance Security Admin add-on, it's available to all users.

Partner Editor add-on

You can add users to the Partner Editor add-on to permit external collaborators to edit workspace elements. Partners are invited from workspace settings. For more information, see Inviting collaborators to a Partner Workspace.

Remove users' product access

To remove users from a product, hover over their name and select the delete icon Delete icon.

Last modified: 2024/05/01