Managing public elements

Manage public elements is available only on Postman Enterprise plan.

The Manage public elements dashboard gives you a central place to control what collections are shared outside of your team for public consumption. You need to have a Community Manager role in enterprise organizations to view and manage everything that’s made public by your team — including public collections links, public documentation, and public workspaces created by members of your team — all in one place.


Managing public elements

To manage public elements, you need to have a Community Manager role in a Postman Enterprise plan. Use the dashboard to manage what collections your team has exposed for public consumption and to see which team member created a specific link. You have the ability to delete links to collections you feel should not be public. From the Home page, go to the Manage public elements section and select Manage to navigate to the dashboard view.

Manage public elements

You can access manage public elements by navigating to the Team dropdown menu in the upper right corner and selecting Manage Public Elements.

Manage public elements from team dropdown


In the Workspaces tab, you have access to all the public workspaces created by your team. You can also view and respond to requests to make workspaces public. Along with workspace name, the request date and the requester details are displayed.

Manage workspaces

To respond to the request, select Respond to the right of the workspace. Approve the request to convert the workspace into a public workspace.

Convert to public workspaces

Public Documentation

The Documentation tab displays all the collections with published documentation. Use the search box to filter by the publisher. Along with the collection name and environment name, you can view the date the documentation was published on, who published it, and the documentation URL. Copy the Documentation URL and paste it in a browser of your choice, and you will have access to the documentation.

Public documentation

The Collection JSON Links tab displays all the collections with JSON links. You can use the toggle option to enable sharing collection JSON via public links.

As the Community Manager, you will be able to view, access, or delete the collections with JSON links. In addition to the collection name, the dashboard displays more information about the date the link was updated on, who updated the link, and the JSON link.

If you disable the toggle option, no new links can be generated and existing links cannot be modified or edited. The previously created JSON links will still remain accessible.

Hover over the JSON link corresponding to the collection and click Copy link to JSON. Paste the link in a browser of your choice and you will have access to the collection JSON.

Collection JSON links

Next steps

To learn more about workspaces, see Creating workspaces and Managing workspaces. For more details on how to create a public workspace, visit Public workspaces.

Last modified: 2021/08/23