Test your API functionality

You can run Postman collections to test and interact with your APIs. In Postman, a collection can be a group of saved requests, a workflow, or a test suite. Postman enables you to run your collections in the following ways:

  • You can run collections manually, with the Collection Runner. This is useful when you're sending a small number of requests and you don't need to repeat them many times.
    • You can also run collections manually in the Postman VS Code extension, enabling you to run collections in the same application you use to develop your APIs.
  • You can schedule collections to run automatically. Scheduled collection runs are useful for automating testing, and monitors are useful for checking performance, availability, and reliability.
  • You can automate collection runs in your CI/CD with the Postman CLI or Newman.
  • You can use webhooks to trigger collection runs at certain times or when a specific event happens in your application.

You can also run collections to simulate real-world traffic and test the performance of your API under load.

Last modified: 2024/01/16