Postman developer resources

You can use a variety of Postman developer resources in your projects, including APIs and libraries. You can use and contribute to Postman's open-source projects on GitHub.

Check out the pages in this section for an intro to developer resources that enable you to engage with the Postman community and integrate Postman into your workflow.

  • Postman API
    • Make requests to access your Postman data.
  • Echo API
    • Use the Echo API to learn and experiment with Postman.
  • Postman Collection Format documentation
    • The Collection Format is the specification that drives collections in Postman. It's portable and provides a unique interface for organizing API requests and modeling API workflows. It's machine and human-readable and can be used to generate client and server-side SDKs, documentation, and mock servers. Learn more at the Postman Collection Format documentation.
  • Postman Collection SDK
    • The Postman Collection SDK is a JavaScript module for working with Postman collections.
  • Runtime library
    • The Runtime library powers Postman request sending functionality.
  • Code generators
    • Postman uses the code generators SDK to create client snippets from your requests.
  • Postman Collection converters
    • The converters allow you to transform OpenAPI, Swagger, RAML, and GraphQL specs to Postman Collection format.

Last modified: 2023/06/23