Test API functionality and performance in Postman

For a good user experience, it's important people don't face errors or latency when using your APIs. That makes testing a critical part of the API development lifecycle. Testing confirms that API endpoints, methods, and integrations work as expected. Testing also ensures your API can meet the expected load.

Here are some of the essential types of API testing you can perform in Postman:

  • Integration testing - Observe data flow and test compatibility between the various components in your application. You can also test how your application interacts with other systems. Learn more at Test API integrations and data flow in Postman.

  • End-to-end testing - Simulate complex user operations from start to finish to test real-world workflows. End-to-ending testing makes sure the entire system works as expected and helps identify problems with user experience. Learn more at Test end-to-end API workflows in Postman.

  • Regression testing - Make sure updates and improvements to your application don't introduce any new defects or issues. Regression testing supports the overall quality of your API by ensuring code changes are backwards compatible. Learn more at Test your APIs for regressions in Postman.

  • Performance testing - Simulate real-world traffic to your application with virtual users. Each virtual user sends a series of requests to your API, so you can observe how your API behaves under load. Learn more at Test your API’s performance in Postman.

Last modified: 2024/05/01