Create a Socket.IO request

You can create a Socket.IO request from the sidebar in Postman.

  1. Select New > Socket.IO to open a Socket.IO request in a new tab. (In the Postman desktop app, you can also select ⌘+N or Ctrl+N.)
  2. Enter a WebSocket server URL. A WebSocket URL begins with ws:// or wss://.
  3. Select Connect.

To disconnect your WebSocket request's connection, select Disconnect.

If you’re using the Postman web app, for the best experience consider using the Postman Desktop Agent. See About the Postman Agent for more information.

Socket.IO typically uses WebSockets as its transport layer, but sometimes uses HTTP long polling as a fallback when WebSockets can't be used. Postman doesn't support long-polling mode in Socket.IO.

Last modified: 2023/11/01