Billing overview

Postman provides several billing features that enable you to manage your team's payment methods, change your team's plan, and track your team's resource usage. With these billing features, you can ensure your team has access to the Postman features they need to be successful.

For help with any account or billing issues, go to Postman's Support Center and select Submit a request.

Check out Postman's Help Center for Postman billing and payment FAQs.

Manage your account, payment methods, and plan

To get started, you can learn how to purchase and configure a paid Postman plan.

You can use the Postman billing dashboard to view and manage your team's billing. This includes an overview of your Postman plan, past invoices, and billing-related activity. You can manage your team's payment methods. You can also make changes to your plan, such as adjust your team size, purchase add-ons, and upgrade your plan.

Track your resource usage

The number of resources you can use each month depends on your Postman plan. You can use the Resource Usage dashboard to view the resources your team is using and view your team's remaining limits for the month.

Last modified: 2024/01/18

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