SSO with Duo is available on Postman Enterprise plans.

Note: An admin of your Duo organization must create the SAML application.

Setting up a custom SAML application in Duo

  1. In the Duo dashboard, go to the applications page. Select Protect an Application.

    duo dashboard
  2. Search for "SAML - Service Provider" and select the Protect this Application link. duo protect

  3. Enter Postman as the service provider. The service provider details can be found on the Postman Edit Team Details page. Other fields can either be left blank or set to the default value. duo provider

    Service Provider NamePostman
    Entity IDcollect it from the Postman team details page
    Assertion Consumer Servicecollect it from the Postman team details page
    NameID formatEmailAddress
  4. After configuring the service provider details, select Save Configuration. duo save

  5. Download the configuration file. duo download

  6. Duo requires your cloud application to be added to the Duo Access Gateway. Refer to this guide for setting this up.

  7. Once the setup is complete, submit your identity provider's (IdP) details to Postman. Collect the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL, Identity Provider Issuer, and X.509 Certificate from the Duo configuration page and fill these values in your Postman Edit Team Details page within the Duo Identity Provider Details modal. For more details on this last step, review setting up SSO in Postman.

Last modified: 2020/05/22