View Postman team activity in Slack

Your team's activity feed keeps you up to date on what your team is working on. You can integrate Postman with Slack to automatically send team updates to a channel in Slack. You can get notified about team activity such as changes to workspaces, collections, and other Postman elements.

To send Postman team activity to Slack, do the following:

  1. From the Home page, select Integrations.

    Integrations on Home page
  2. Select Browse All Integrations.

  3. Search for and select Slack.

  4. Next to Post team activity, select Add Integration.

    Select Slack team activity integration
  5. A browser tab opens asking you to sign in to Slack. Select Continue, then enter your workspace URL and sign in with your email or SSO.

  6. Select the Slack channel where the integration will post team activity messages. You can't change this channel after you set up the integration. If you need to change channels later, delete the integration and create a new one.

  7. Select Allow to give Postman permission to view content and perform actions in Slack. Close the tab to continue in Postman.

    Slack permissions

After configuring the integration, Postman will send updates from your team's activity feed to the Slack channel you specified.

Team activity in Slack

Last modified: 2024/04/15