Track Postman API call limits

Postman's API access rate limits are applied at a per-user basis in unit time.

Access to the API using a key is limited to 300 requests per minute. Every API response includes the following set of headers to identify the status of your consumption:

X-RateLimit-LimitThe maximum number of requests that the consumer is permitted to make per minute.
X-RateLimit-RemainingThe number of requests remaining in the current rate limit window.
X-RateLimit-ResetThe time at which the current rate limit window resets in, UTC epoch seconds.

Free API calls with your Postman account

Your Postman account gives you a limited number of free Postman API calls per month. You can check your usage limits with the Postman API or the resource usage page.

To learn more about the resources included with your Postman plan and what happens when you reach your usage limits, go to About resource usage.

Last modified: 2022/11/30