Postman Collection conversion

You can convert from a variety of API formats into Postman Collections. If you have API requests defined as OpenAPI, Swagger, RAML, or GraphQL schema formats, you can convert these to Postman Collections that you can import into the app or use with other Postman utilities such as the Newman CLI.

The following open-source projects are hosted on GitHub:

Each of these node.js modules is available to use via NPM or by cloning directly from the repo.

Check out the repo for the format you need to convert—the READMEs indicate how to install and use the converters. Your output collections will be suitable for import into the Postman app, or to run collections on the command line using Newman.

Next steps

If you're using converters to automate Postman collection runs with your development, testing, or deployment pipeline, check out how you can use Postman API in your CI workflow.

Last modified: 2021/11/09