Import from SoapUI

SoapUI is an API testing tool that supports SOAP and REST services. Postman can import SoapUI project files and recreate their requests, collections, environments, and other data in your Postman workspace.

Export a SoapUI project

  1. In SoapUI, right-click a project folder and select Export Project.
  2. Select the location where you want to export the data and select Save.
  3. If needed, unzip the exported project file.

Import a SoapUI project to Postman

  1. In Postman, select Import > Migrate to Postman > SoapUI.
  2. Select the Select data to migrate option.
  3. Select files or folder, then select the exported project file you want to import. If the Start Migration button isn't enabled, make sure you've selected a valid SoapUI project file.
  4. Select Start Migration. A message appears in the footer when migration is complete.
Import SoapUI project

You can also drag files and folders into the import window.

Last modified: 2024/04/29