Test and debug values in gRPC requests using JavaScript in Postman

Postman has a powerful scripting environment that enables you to add JavaScript code (scripts) in your gRPC requests. You can define scripts for two hooks available during the request execution lifecycle:

  • Before invoking the method and establishing a connection with the server, in the Before invoke tab.
  • After closing the connection with the server, in the After response tab.

You can use scripts to write API tests, debug your requests (by logging to Postman Console, or dynamically read/update the values of variables.

gRPC scripts

This is all powered by the Postman Sandbox, a JavaScript execution environment available to you while writing your Before invoke and After response scripts. Whatever code you write in these scripts is executed in the sandbox.

To learn more about writing tests, see Write scripts to test API response data in Postman.

Last modified: 2023/04/12

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