Import from Thunder Client

Thunder Client is an API client extension in VS Code for testing and working with APIs. Postman can import collection and environment files exported from Thunder Client.

Export files from Thunder Client

  1. In the Thunder Client extension in VS Code, select the more actions icon More actions icon next to the collection or environment you want to export, then select Export.
  2. Select the location where you want to export the data and select Save.

Import Thunder Client files to Postman

  1. In Postman, select Import > Migrate to Postman > Other API Clients.

  2. Select an import option:

    • Detect and import data from default directory - Postman automatically detects if there's data in the default Thunder Client directory. If Postman detects data in multiple directories, select the data you want to import.

    • Select data to migrate - Select files or folder, then select the files or folder you want to import. If the Start Migration button isn't enabled, make sure you've selected a valid Thunder Client file.

  3. Select Start Migration. A message appears in the footer when migration is complete.

Import Thunder Client data

You can also drag files and folders into the import window.

Last modified: 2024/04/29