Integrate Postman with Slack

Slack is a messaging app that teams all over the world rely on for collaboration. With Postman's integrations for Slack, you can bring your API development workflow into your Slack workspace. Get notifications, share what you're working on, and stay up to date with your Postman team, all within Slack.

Postman offers three different Slack integrations: the Postman app for Slack, monitoring notifications, and activity feed notifications. You can set up the integrations you want, or use them all to get the most out of Postman and Slack.

Get the Postman app for Slack

With the Postman app for Slack, you can collaborate with your Postman team right in Slack.

  • Get more context when sharing links to workspaces, collections, or requests. When you share a Postman link, it's unfurled into a rich link you can use to perform actions from Slack, like watching or forking a collection.

  • Get custom notifications for important events. You can get notified in Slack when teammates mention you or reply to your comments. You can also get security alerts when tokens or keys are exposed.

Set up the Postman app for Slack to start collaborating with your team in Slack.

View notifications in Slack

View Postman Monitor runs in Slack

Postman Monitors continuously track the health and performance of your APIs. After you create a monitor, Postman can automatically send the results to a Slack channel after each monitor run.

Set up a Postman Monitor integration to get monitor results in Slack.

Monitor results in Slack

View your Postman team activity feed in Slack

You can get updates about what your Postman team is working on without leaving Slack. Send your Postman team's activity feed to a Slack channel to get notifications about changes to workspaces, collections, and more.

Set up the Slack activity feed integration to get team updates in Slack.

Team activity in Slack

Last modified: 2024/04/15