The Postman to Slack integration enables you to receive notifications for the Team Activity Feed, Postman Search, and Monitor Run Results.

Configuring Postman with Slack

From the Home page select Integrations.

home page and integrations

Search and select Slack.

search for slack integration

From the integration details page you can choose to:

  • Post team activity

    Add your team's Activity Feed to specified Slack channels.

  • Post monitoring results

    Send your Monitor Run Results to specified Slack channels.

select slack integration

Select View All to view all instances of the integration created by your team.

Add an Activity Feed to Slack

In the Slack Details page, click the Add Integration button for Team Activity Feed.

In the Team Activity Feed page, click the Authorize button.

authorize slack

In the Slack sign in to your workspace page, enter your workspace’s Slack URL, and click the Continue button.

signin slack

In the Sign in to Postman page, enter your email address and password and click the Sign In button.


In the Select channel page, select the channel where you want to post and click the Authorize button.


The team activity appears in the Configured Integrations page.


Send your Monitor Run Results to Slack

From the Slack integration details page select Add Integration for Post monitoring results option.

On the Permission request page, select the Slack channel your want to post to and select Allow.



Return to the browser tab for Postman and enter the following:

  • Nickname

    A nickname for your integration.

  • Workspace

    The workspace your monitor belongs to.

  • Monitor

    The results of the monitor will be sent to Slack.

  • Slack Webhook URL

    This option is pre-filled with information from the authorization process.

  • Slack Channel This option is pre-filled with the information from the authorization process.

  • Advanced Options:

    • Notify for completed monitor runs
    • Notify for 3 failures and the first success
> You can click the Advanced Options link to indicate if you want notifications for all completed monitor runs, or notifications for three failed monitor runs and then the first successful monitor run.


The following is an example of a set of monitor results when sent to Slack: