View reports about billing and resource consumption

Reports are available on all Postman Enterprise plans.

The Billing overview dashboard gives an overview of billing information and resource consumption by your team.

Billed seats - The number of occupied and unoccupied seats.

Unbilled seats - The number of seats that will be filled during the next Auto-Flex renewal.

Overall seat usage - The total number of seats and the number of occupied seats per month.

Additional blocks - A summary of the additional blocks a team has, if any, and how much these blocks increase their plan limits. Additional blocks are top-ups that teams can purchase to increase their resource limits for monitor requests, mock requests, and custom domains. These blocks provide extra capacity beyond the limits set by the team's plan.

Overage settings - The status of overage for monitor requests and mock requests, indicating whether overage is enabled or not. The overage setting allows teams to enable the usage of certain resources even after exhausting their plan and additional block limits. Users with a Billing role in the team can toggle this setting to enable overage or pay-as-you-go usage on monitor requests and mock requests.

Monitor requests - The number of monitor requests per month.

Mock requests - The number of mock requests made per month.

Non-deleted integrations - The team's integration limit and usage over time. Postman enables teams to integrate with various third-party services and platforms. The number of concurrent integrations a team can have is limited based on their plan type. Enterprise teams have a limit of 100 concurrent integrations. Once this limit is reached, teams should contact Postman Sales to discuss further modifications.

Postman API - A historical view of the team's Postman API call limit and the usage on a monthly basis. The Postman API enables users to programmatically access data stored in their Postman account, using command-line interfaces (CLI) or automation flows. Teams have a limit on the number of calls they can make to the Postman API based on their plan. Enterprise teams have a limit of 1 million API calls per month.

Custom Domains - The team's limit on custom domains and usage over time. Custom domains allow teams to host their published API documentation on their own domain. The number of custom domains a team can have is limited by their plan.

Cloud Agent requests - The team's limits and consumption of Cloud Agent requests over time. The Postman Cloud Agent enables teams to bypass browser limitations by routing API requests through Postman's cloud servers. Teams have plan-based limits on the number of requests they can run via the Postman Cloud Agent.

Last modified: 2023/06/15