Configure team settings

Your Team Settings enable you to manage items such as your team's profile, discoverability, custom domains, authentication, and active invite links.

Team menu with Team Settings selected

Access team settings

To access team settings, select Team in the header and then select Team Settings.

Team menu with Team Settings selected

Manage your team profile

Your public team profile gives you a way to share important information about your team with other Postman users. The profile brings together all your team's public resources in one place, and can serve as a developer portal for your API's consumers.

Super Admins, Admins, and Community Managers can edit your team profile, customize your team's branding, and manage the public visibility of your team profile.

Your team profile includes:

  • A short summary about your team and the work you do.
  • A verified team badge that, if approved, shows your team is authentic.
  • Social media links like your GitHub profile.
  • A list containing links to your team members' profiles.
  • A Team Description section.
  • A Highlights section with pinned elements.
  • A Related collections and flows from the community section with collections and Flows using your team's APIs (suggested by Postman).
  • Links to all your team's public collections, APIs, workspaces, and Flows.

Edit your team profile

Select Team in the header, then select Team Settings. Select Edit Your Public Profile to edit your team's summary, description, social media links, and highlights.

Edit your team profile
  • Team summary - Select Add Team Summary to add a brief summary about your team and the work you do. To edit your team summary, hover over the section and select the edit icon Edit icon.

  • Social links - Select Add Social Links to link to your website and social media accounts. To edit these links, hover over the section and select the edit icon Edit icon.

  • Members - Hover over this section and select Manage to manage your team members.

  • About your team - Select Add Team Description to include information about your team and organization. The editor supports Markdown, or you can use the built-in text formatting tools. To update your team description, hover over the section and select the edit icon Edit icon.

  • Highlights - Highlighting elements enables you to show off your team's work to other Postman users. If you don't choose any elements to pin to this section, Postman displays the most popular elements that you've worked on. To update the highlighted elements, hover over the section and select the edit icon Edit icon. Add or remove the desired elements, then select Save.

Customize your team's branding

You can add a logo, cover photo, and favicon to your team profile. These assets help you establish your team identity and ensure consistent branding.

To add these assets, select Team in the header and then select Team Settings.

To add a team logo and cover photo, hover over the section and select the edit icon Edit icon, then upload the image you want to use. To add a favicon, select Upload under the Favicon section.

Customize your team's branding

Keep the following in mind when you upload a logo, cover photo, or favicon:

  • Logos and cover photos must be 500 KB or less in size and must be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Logos must have a 1:1 aspect ratio (height:width), and cover photos must have a 1:7.5 aspect ratio. If your image has a different aspect ratio, Postman prompts you to select a part of your image to display.
  • Favicons must be in ICO format, no larger than 32x32 pixels, and 500 KB or less in size. Your favicon appears on the browser tab of your team's published documentation site.

Make your team profile public

A public team profile encourages other users to collaborate with you in a public workspace, enabling you to ask for contributions, gather feedback, and increase your API's discovery in search results.

If you enable your team's public profile, your team will be visible on the Postman API Network, along with your public workspaces, collections, APIs, and Flows. Learn more about the Postman API Network and best practices for sharing elements.

To make your team profile public, do the following:

  1. In Team Settings, select Team profile.
  2. Select Make team profile public to set the profile to public.
Make your team profile public

Make your team discoverable

Select Team discovery to view your options for making your team discoverable to other Postman users with email addresses from your team's domain.

See Enable team discovery for more information about enabling people in your organization to find and join your team.

Review Secret Scanner patterns

Custom patterns are available on Postman Enterprise plans.

Select Secret Scanner to review default patterns for tokens issued by common service providers that the Postman Secret Scanner scans for. You can also add and review custom patterns that scan for your team's proprietary tokens and third-party app tokens.

See Secret Scanner to learn more about scanning public workspaces to detect exposed secrets.

Add custom domains

Select Custom Domains to add, update, or remove custom domains for your API documentation.

See Use custom domains for information about adding, verifying, troubleshooting, and publishing to custom domains.

Use installed apps

Select Installed apps to enable all members of a team to use the same stored authorization details when adding integrations.

See Add new integrations using installed apps in Postman for more information about adding and using installed apps in integrations.

Edit authentication methods

SSO is available on Postman Enterprise plans.

Select Authentication to configure or reconfigure your team's authentication methods.

See Configure SSO for a team for details explaining how to configure your team's custom SSO setup and manage user accounts.

Last modified: 2023/06/21