Backup and synchronize your Postman Collections on Dropbox for file sharing, storage, and collaboration. The Postman to Dropbox integration seamlessly complements your existing workflows and allows you to store your Postman Collections and other project files in one place.

Configuring Dropbox Integration

  1. Select Home.

    postman home page

  2. Select Integrations.

    integrations page

  3. Select Browse All Integrations.

    dropbox search all

  4. Search and select Dropbox.

    integrations page

  5. Select Add Integration to authorize a backup of your Postman collections.

    dropbox add integration

  6. Select Continue.

    authorize to go to dropbox login page

  7. Log in to your Dropbox account.

    dropbox login

  8. Select Allow so Postman can access its own folder inside your Dropbox.

    allow postman access

  9. Close the browser tab.

    dropbox integration config

  10. Enter your Dropbox integration configuration. Select the collection you want to back up and enter a file name for the Dropbox file.

    dropbox integration config

  11. Select Add Integration. Your collection is saved as a single JSON file and uploaded to Dropbox.

Accessing your Postman Collections on Dropbox

You can find your backups on Dropbox > Apps > Postman.

view in dropbox

From now on, every change saved to your Postman Collection will automatically upload changes to Dropbox in real time. Complement your team's existing workflows and back up your Postman Collections to Dropbox.

Last modified: 2021/09/23