Logging in to an SSO team

SSO is available on Postman Business and Enterprise plans.

When your team admin has enabled single sign-on (SSO) for Postman, you can log in to Postman with a configured Identity provider.

Your team admin can provide a Login URL that was generated during the SSO configuration. The Login URL will automatically redirect you to the configured Identity Provider.

To log in from the Postman app, use the following process:

  • Click Enterprise user? Sign in here.

sign in to enterprise

  • Enter your team domain.

team domain

  • Select the relevant account / provider to log in using the Sign in with... button. Postman will redirect you to the configured Identity Provider. Enter your login details to sign in.

G-Suite login

On first login from the Postman app, you will need to carry out an additional step to set Postman up to access your identity provider account.

  • Sign in to your provider account as above. Follow your provider's steps to connect the account to Postman.
  • Once you've completed your provider's required setup, you will be redirected back to the login screen to access the account inside Postman—so you'll need to re-enter your password. Click Sign in to link your SSO account.
SSO Setup