Test APIs and write scripts in Postman

In an API-first world, APIs are developed before the rest of an application. That means API testing is happening earlier in the API lifecycle. With Postman, you can run API tests in the same place where you collaborate and build APIs with your team.

Postman provides a variety of tools you can use to ensure the quality and reliability of your APIs. Use scripts to add logic to your requests, replicate complex user workflows, and write test assertions. Then use Postman collections to group individual tests into comprehensive test suites. Once you've set up your tests, you can run them manually or automate them as part of your regular development process.

Add logic and process data with scripts

You can add dynamic behavior to your API requests with Postman's built-in JavaScript runtime. Write test scripts to check for a specific status code, set a variable, or validate a response. You can also use scripts to process data and build dynamic workflows.

Postman can run scripts before a request is sent (pre-request) or after (post-response). You can also create packages for your favorite scripts and reuse them across your Postman team.

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Test APIs at every stage of development

Testing plays an important role throughout the API development lifecycle. You can use Postman to perform essential types of testing, such as integration, end-to-end, and regression testing. You can also use Postman to test performance to make sure your API can handle the expected load.

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Run and automate your API tests

Postman supports both manual testing and test automation. You can run a single test on demand by sending a request, or execute an entire test suite using the Collection Runner.

To increase efficiency and test coverage, you can configure test collections to run automatically on a schedule. You can also use the Postman CLI to run test collections as part of your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

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Last modified: 2024/05/01