Integrate Postman with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace available to all Microsoft Office 365 users. This integration enables you to get updates about your Postman team directly in Microsoft Teams.

To configure a Microsoft Teams integration, you will need to first create a Microsoft Teams webhook URL.

Create a Microsoft Teams webhook URL

Microsoft Teams requires certain permissions to add a connector to a channel.

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account. Create a new channel, or select an existing channel where you want to set up the integration.

    select channel
  2. Select More options next to the channel name and select Connectors from the dropdown list.

  3. Select the Incoming Webhook connector from the list of available connectors.

  4. Enter a name to identify this webhook later. You can also add an image that appears whenever the webhook posts a message. Select Create.

    enter a name

    This generates a webhook URL you can use to post messages to this channel. Copy this webhook and save it for later.

    generate webhook URL

Configure Microsoft Teams

  1. From the Home page, select Integrations.

    Home page and integrations
  2. Select Browse All Integrations.

  3. Search and select Microsoft Teams.

  4. There are two available Microsoft Teams integrations:

Send monitor run results in Microsoft Teams

Monitor run messages summarize the basic details of the run, and whether the run succeeded or failed. Also, it provides direct links to that run and the documentation for the collection.

  1. Enter the following in the Add Integration window:

    • Nickname - A nickname for the integration.
    • Choose workspace - The workspace that has your monitor.
    • Choose Monitor - The monitor which will send its results to Microsoft Teams.
    • Notification URL - Your notification URL.
    • Configure when monitor runs must be notified - Select whether you want notifications for all completed monitor runs, or notifications for three monitor run failures and then the first successful monitor run.
  2. Select Add Integration.

Add a team activity feed to Microsoft Teams

Team Activity messages display updates, who made a change, and what it was.

  1. Enter the following in the Add Integration window:

    • Nickname - A nickname for the integration.
    • Notification URL - Your incoming webhook URL where your team's updates are sent.
  2. Select Add Integration.

You can view your configured integrations on the Browse Integrations page. You can also view integrations that have been configured for a monitor by opening the monitor and selecting the information icon Information icon in the right sidebar. Learn more about viewing or editing integrations.

Last modified: 2024/07/01