BigPanda is an IT systems management platform that aggregates and correlates IT alerts to create high-level IT incidents. It directs all alerts to a single place with different connected services.

Setting up a BigPanda integration requires you to get an API key and configure Postman monitors.

After you set up the integration, you can view real-time alerts based on the results of your Postman monitors.

Retrieving the BigPanda API key

  1. Log in to your BigPanda account and select "Integrations" in the header toolbar, then select New Integration.

  2. Select "Alerts REST API" and then select the Integrate.

    alerts REST API

  3. To generate the App key, enter a name for the integration and select the Generate App Key.

    generate app key

    The generated App Key displays.

    results app key

  4. Save the generated App key and the API key for use later.

Configuring Postman monitors

  1. Select Home.

    postman home page

  2. Select Integrations.

    select integrations

  3. Select Browse All Integrations.

  4. Search and select BigPanda.

    bigpanda search all

  5. Select Add Integration.

    add bigpanda configuration

  6. Enter your BigPanda configuration.

    • Give a nickname to your integration.
    • Select the workspace to which your monitor belongs to.
    • Select a monitor.
    • Enter the BigPanda app key.
    • Enter the API token for the app.

    save bigpanda config

  7. Select Add Integration.

You can send the results of multiple monitors to the same BigPanda collection. BigPanda gives you real-time alerts based on the results of your Postman Monitors. If there was a failed test or if an error occurred during the run, an alert is created on BigPanda, which would then alert the user.

view in bigpanda

Last modified: 2021/09/03