Postman Enterprise overview

Postman Enterprise plans are designed for organizations that require and seek advanced identity management, security, and governance features for API design, testing, and deployment at scale. Position your Enterprise team for success by setting up and managing secure Postman access across your organization.

  • Postman Enterprise plans offer features like reports on API performance and consumption, advanced identity management, the Private API Network for internal resource sharing, as well as robust API governance and security tools. Collaboration features enable internal and partner teamwork through shared workspaces and version control settings. The Enterprise app provides enhanced administrative control over deployments within your organization.

  • To set up an efficient Enterprise team in Postman, it's recommended that you first identify Admins, Super Admins, and Billing users, set up the Identity Provider (IdP), verify domains, and assign groups and roles. Assigning roles like Admin and Billing is crucial for team setup, while creating service accounts for the Admins is advised for long-term solutions. Setting up an IdP involves coordinating with other groups early on to avoid delays. Domain verification is essential for trust within your Enterprise team, enabling seamless user addition without invites based on verified email addresses within the domain. For more information, see the Enterprise onboarding checklist.

  • Postman Enterprise provides enhanced control for administrators deploying and managing Postman at scale. It offers features like managing app versioning and deploying the Enterprise app across the organization. See Enterprise deployment for more information on how to install, update, and uninstall the Postman Enterprise app on Windows, macOS, and Linux while ensuring data encryption measures are in place.

  • You can boost your API design and security capabilities by incorporating add-on products API Builder and Advanced Security Admin (ASA). For more information, visit Purchasing add-on products.

Last modified: 2024/05/31

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