Pin environments to collections

You can pin environments to an HTTP collection to organize your workspace and show other Postman users which environments work with that collection. If a user forks the collection, pinned environments will fork with the collection. By associating environments with collections, pinning helps other users understand and consume your requests.

Pin an environment to a collection

To pin an environment to a collection, do the following:

  1. Select a collection.
  2. Select the environment selector.
  3. Hover over the environment you want to pin to the collection.
  4. Select the pin icon Pin environment icon. The pinned environment appears in the Pinned to this collection section of the environment selector. You can pin multiple environments to a collection.

When forking a collection that has pinned environments, the pinned environments are automatically forked with the collection. To learn more, see Fork collections, environments, and Flows in Postman.

Last modified: 2024/03/19