Explore ready-to-use Flows in Flows Catalog

Flows Catalog is a collection of over 100 pre-built Flows designed to address common use cases. Exploring Flows Catalog is a great way to learn what Postman Flows can do.

Flows Catalog

With Flows Catalog, you can explore and preview Flows for use cases like automating contact management, using AI to create automated responses, or migrating data between databases. When you find a Flow that suits your needs, you can open it in your workspace and start using it with little or no setup.

Explore Flows Catalog

To open Flows Catalog and explore the Flows you can use, do the following:

  1. Select Flows in the sidebar.
  2. Select the create new icon Create new icon then select Discover Flows Catalog. The Flows Catalog main page appears.
  3. Select Search catalog and enter search terms (for example, "add subscribers" or "update contacts") or select an API category.
  4. (Optional) Select View details to preview a Flow and see more Flows like it.
  5. Select Use this Flow to open a copy of the Flow in your workspace.

Next steps

Last modified: 2024/06/05