Sharing your work

You can share Postman entities you are working on with collaborators, including collections, APIs, and environments.

To share a collection run, see Using the Collection Runner.

To share a collection via embed, use the Run in Postman button.

To share by file, see Importing and exporting data


To share your work via workspaces you will need to be signed in to your Postman account.

Sharing to workspaces

When you work in a Postman workspace, any entities you save to the workspace will be visible to other team members who share the workspace—with varying access levels depending on your team's configuration.

You can share various Postman entities to workspaces, or move them from one workspace to another, including collections, environments, and APIs.

To share an entity from Postman, find the entity based on what type it is:

  • To share a collection, open Collections on the left of Postman and click Share collection in the ... menu.
Share collection
  • To share an API, open APIs on the left of Postman and click Share API in the ... menu.
Share API
  • To share an environment, open Environments on the left of Postman and click Share environment in the ... menu.
Share environment

You can share collections, APIs, and environments to specific workspaces. You can additionally share collections via embed and link options.

In the share modal, select the workspace you want to share the entity to. Team members in the target workspace will be able to access the entity when you share it there.

Share workspace selection

Toggle the radio button if you also want to remove the entity from its current workspace. If you want to share the collection but keep it in the current workspace as well, click Share collection. If you want the collection to be removed from the current workspace after you share it, click Share collection and remove from current workspace.

When you remove a collection from a workspace, all mocks, monitors, and integrations associated with it will also be removed.

Click Share and Continue.

Share role selection

Select view or edit access levels for each collaborator or the workspace as a whole. Click Save Roles.

Refer to Roles and permissions for more information on role-based user permissions.

If you want to restore a collection to a workspace it's been removed from, share the collection again. If the collection is deleted and you need to restore access to it, you will need to recover it first.

You can share a collection using a link. In the collection share modal, select Get public link.

Share by link

The link is a snapshot of your collection, so click Update Link and copy it for the most up to date version. You can then share it by pasting the copied link. You can also delete the link using the trash button.

You can manage a complete list of your active collection links from your Postman profile.

Next steps

Team members can request access to collections, environments, and APIs.

For more detail on working with environments as a team, see Managing environments. For more on working with APIs, see Managing and sharing APIs.